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Hunter XC Controller   Hunter XC

The XC brings a whole lot extra to a small controller. Like extra power . . . the XC offers a choice of 2-,4-,6-, and 8-station models, each with plenty of might to operate one or two valves per station plus a pump start relay or master valve.
Extra features…including global seasonal adjustment and a 365-day calendar to make water savings easier, plus a default system that permits retrieval of the original program entered into the controller.

Hunter ICC Controller   Hunter ICC
  • Provides easy addition of more stations, simplified inventory
    management, and easy servicing.
  • Each with separate day cycles and 8 start times, offering total flexibility for complex landscapes; two programs can run concurrently.
  • Maximize scheduling choices (select days of the week, true odd/even days, skip days up to 31 days)
  • Program data is retained during power outages, without need for battery.

Orbit Automatic Yard Watering Kit   Orbit Kit

Fully automatic yard watering kit turns your tap into a 4 station sprinkler system. No digging is required to easily install this watering system.

  • Simply set your timer to your desired start time and water duration
  • Rain Delay feature for water conservation
  • Large size LCD display for easy reading
  • Features automatic timed watering for up to four locations
  • 6 Year Warranty

Orbit Single-Port Digital Timer   Orbit Timer

One dial allows complete timer control functionality. Cycles easily from set clock, set watering time, how often, how long, then run program.

  • Complete timer control funcionality makes these timers easy to set
  • A rain delay is built into the run program function
  • Weather resistant and durable construction
  • Takes 2 x AA alkaline batteries
  • 6 year warranty

Orbit Dual-Port Timer   Orbit Dual
  • Dual port timer has one timed port and one manual port
  • 6 year warranty

HR Galcon 7001d Controller   Galcon 7001d

Battery operated valve used watering lawns, garden beds and areas where A.C. power is not present.

  • Independent station programming single station.
  • Up to 4 start times.
  • Watering time from 1 minute to 12 hours.
  • Irrigation schedule – 7 day calendar or interval from 1 – 30 days.
  • Controller is powered by one 9 Bolt alkaline battery (optional).
    Rain off position.
  • Weather proof.
  • 25mm valve with actuator and valve mount controller.
  • Manual override.

HR Galcon 9001d Controller   Galcon 9001d

Two station battery operated hose end timer suitable for 25mm & 20mm garden taps.

  • Two watering stations from one tap
  • Easy to install and use
  • Operated with 9v alkaline battery (not included)
  • Run times from 1 minute - 12 hours
  • Four start times per day
  • Individual day programming
  • Manual activation at controller
  • Rain off suspension option
  • Rain sensor override ready
  • Low battery indicator
  • Internal filter installed in controller

HR Galcon GQ Controller   Galcon GQ

Galcon GQ controller is the ultimate user-friendly irrigation controller for home landscape and drip line watering systems up to 8 stations. Easily connected to the home's power system using the plug transformer provided.

  • 3 Programs A,B,C
  • X support program for lighting circuits,pond,fountains
  • Up to 8 stations plus master valve / pump start (requires relay)
  • Stations can be allocated in all three programs
  • Water times from 1 minute up to 4 hours
  • Up to 4 daily start times per program.

Hunter PGV Valve   Hunter PGV
This hard working, heavy-duty performer offers you the best features of our top-of-the-line valves…more than enough to handle the rigors of whatever your site has to offer. For smaller landscape applications, the PGV is available in four 1" body configurations, in either an angle, globe, male x male, or male x barb design. In turn, each model is available as either flow control or non-flow control versions. For larger landscape applications, the PGV comes in both 1½" and 2" globe/angle models (with flow control). All models feature durable high-grade construction and a rugged diaphragm with a support to prevent stress failure.

Hunter PGV Jar-Top Valve   Hunter PGV Jar Top
Now it’s possible to service a Hunter valve without using any tools to gain access to the inner workings of the product. Product maintenance has never been easier! And with this simplicity, you don’t give up any quality or performance as these valves boast more than enough features to handle the demands of whatever your site has to offer. Choose from a wide range of different configurations for the many different styles of installations that vary from region to region. All models feature durable, high-grade, corrosive- and UV-resistant PVC construction and a rugged double-beaded, leak-proof diaphragm with support to prevent stress failure. Plus, you’ll find a fully-encapsulated solenoid that guarantees reliable operation time after time.

Rainbird JTV Series Jar-Top Valves   Rainbird JTV
Rain Bird has given its industry-leading DV Valve a new twist. The Rain Bird JTV Series Jar Top Valve provides versatility, reliability, affordability, and ease of service making it the ideal choice for residential and light commercial irrigation applications. The threaded bonnet design allows for tool-free access and maintenance, eliminating the need to remove and replace multiple screws.

Now available in Male x Male and Male x Barb configurations.

Rainbird DV Series Valves   Rainbird DV

Plastic Residential Irrigation Valves

Primary Applications:
Economical irrigation valve for residential and light commercial applications.

Features and Benefits:

  • Double-filtered pilot-flow design for maximum reliability.
  • Balanced-pressure diaphragm for long life.
  • External bleed to manually flush system of dirt and debris during installation and system start-up.
  • Internal bleed for spray-free manual operation.
  • Energy-efficient, low-power encapsulated solenoid with captured plunger and 90-mesh (200 micron) solenoid filter.
  • Buna-N diaphragm with self-cleaning 90 mesh (200 micron) pilot water filter and captive spring.
  • Operates in low-flow and Xerigation® applications when the RBY filter is installed upstream.
  • 1.25" (3,2 cm) stainless steel phillips head screws.
  • Accepts latching solenoid for use with Rain Bird battery-operated controllers.

Rainbird DVF Series Valves   Rainbird DVF

Plastic Residential Valves

Primary Applications:
Economical irrigation valve for residential and light commercial applications where flow control is required.

Features and Benefits:

Incorporates all features of DV Series valves, plus the following:
      - Unique, easy-to-turn patented pressure assisted flow control mechanism.

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