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Netafim™ the Leader in Drip Irrigation! With more than 40 years of experience in drip irrigation for demanding agricultural applications, Netafim™ has also been pioneering innovations in drip irrigation for the landscape industry for over a decade.
No matter what your projects require, their comprehensive product line delivers the solutions you need for successful project completion and ease of maintenance. From pressure compensating dripperline, like our revolutionary Techline™ with flow regulation and self flushing system , to the most sophisticated and accurate point source drippers on the market: UniTechline™ ,they've got what you need.

Landscape Drip Products:

  • Integral pressure compensated dripperlines
  • Integral non-compensated dripperlines
  • On line pressure compensated drippers
  • On-line non compensated drippers
  • System accessories

Advantages of Drip vs Spray  

Spray Irrigation

Water is distributed through the air over a broad area.

Factors affecting spray irrigation are:

  • Misting
  • Overspray
  • Wind drift
  • Water runoff
  • Water Collection on garden mulch
  • Easily vandalized
  • Promotion of plant disease

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation overcomes the water wastage problems and can save up to 60% water.
Drip irrigation allows for efficient irrigation by targeting the root zone and dispersing water at ground level so it is not susceptible to the above elements. Dripperlines can be used in every application, from irrigating small home garden beds, to an advance sub-surface system for lawns.
Netafim's dripperlines are extruded from polyethylene and are inserted with internal drippers which are molded into the inner wall of the poly tube during the extrusion process. The result is a full range of drip tubes in brown, black and purple to suit any irrigation application.
The advantages of using drip systems over spray systems are as follows:

  • Water savings
    - Eliminates evaporation
    - Eliminates wind drift
    - Eliminates 'over spray
  • Reduces plant disease
  • Reduced weed growth
  • Reduces vandalism
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Safe to use with waste water

Landscape Integral Pressure Compensated Dripperlines  

Unique Pressure Compensation (P.C.) Mechanism

Netafim™ PC drippers are constructed with wide water passages (based on the NETAFIM patented labyrinth pattern) and a free floating diaphragm designed to regulate the volume of water.

The diaphragm is activated by the continual differential pressure created by the labyrinth, thus maintaining constant dripper flow over a wide pressure range.

Thanks to the free floating diaphragm. The dripper's action is precise, immediate, sensitive and continually self- adjusting.

Water entry into the dripper is through a finely engineered filter, designed to prevent dirt particles from entering the water passages.

Any particles which might cause clogging will either be flushed out through the wide water passages, or increase the pressure differential, causing the diaphragm to momentarily increase the cross- section volume for outgoing water and flush the dirt out of the system.

Dripperlines consisting of drippers soldered onto the inner wall of heavy duty wall-thickness-pipes.

The drippers combined with the heavy duty -walled pipes in which they are soldered, ensure highly durable equipment for multi-years use.

Landscape Integral Dipperlines  

Dripperlines with integral drippers soldered onto their interior wall during the production process. Allow the user to choose the dripperline that most optimally meets specific requirements. Externally invisible dripper.
Especially suitable for Sub-surface and on-surface installation. Areas subject to vandalism. Turf, shrubs, trees, curved, narrow and unshaped planting areas and roof gardens.
New Techline AS doesn't suck because it now has an anti siphon device built into it to prevent "suck back" ensuring that it won't block up.


  • Subsurface installations (below turf)
  • On surface installations (under mulch)
  • Areas prone to vandalism
  • Areas subject to sloping ground and wind
  • Curved, narrow or odd shapes areas
  • Discrete in high profile landscapes

Features and Benefits:

  • Anti Siphon device - prevents dripper blockage by suck back
  • Self Regulating device - ensures uniform discharge rate
  • Self Flushing device - flushes debris out of the dripper
  • Turbonet technology - unique regulating passage / stays clean
  • Large Inlet Filter - large surface area designed to stay clean
  • Unique Inlet Filter location - picks up water from the centre of the drip-line
  • Mechanical Root Barrier - designed to keep roots away from drip outlet
  • 7 Year Warranty*

Irrigating Garden Beds with Netafim's Miniscape   Garden Beds

Drip irrigation is ideal for watering gardens. Netafim's Miniscape is the perfect product for irrigating flowerbeds, vegetable patches or any other sort of small to medium gardens. Due to Miniscape's flexibility and small size, it can be laid in straight runs along the garden or woven between plants and trees.

For best results both aesthetically and efficiently, the Miniscape should be laid under mulch to reduce evaporation even further.

The Miniscape can be easily installed in your garden beds.

Pressure Compensated Landscape Dripline   Dripline

Suitable for lawn, shrubs, trees and flower beds. Ideal for slopes and long narrow applications, on surface, under mulch or subsurface installations.

  • Self regulating round dripper
  • Uniform flow rate along drip line length
  • Suitable for use with standard 13mm LD fittings
  • Size 12.5mm ID and 14.5 OD
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