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Netafim Techfilter (Trifluralin)   Netafim Techfilter

Techfilter or system protection unit introduces minute traces of trifluralin into the system to prevent root intrusion. The Techfilter incorporates a replaceable filter element embedded with trifluralin and as water passes through this filter it delivers a low concentration evenly to all drippers throughout the system. This technology provides very precise and even distribution of trifluralin throughout the piping network and provides added insurance against roots making their way into the drippers or drip line and blocking them.

A Techfilter is recommended for use with subsurface drip line installations. Maximum pressure: 980kpa and Mesh: 120

25mm 1" Arkal Disc Filters   Arkal Disc Filters

Innovative filter design with plastic disc filter system which retains large amounts of solids. Requires little maintenance or cleaning and is corrosion resistant. The varying filtering capacities are colour coded from 40 mesh to 200 mesh. Used for agricultural and landscape irrigation applications.

PPI Disc Filter   Arkal Dis Filters

Used to prevent blockages in micro irrigation systems when not connected to town water. Available from 3/4" to 2".

PPI Threaded Screen Filters   PPI Threaded Screen Filter
  • Low pressure loss
  • Large filtration surface
  • In-lap to distribute the fluid across the entire cartridge
  • Inox or polyester cartridge available
  • Mesh sizes available
    - Polyester 75, 120, 155
    - Inox 120 (Stainless steel grade 304)
  • Filters conform to ISO/DIS 9912-1 'Resistance to filter element to buckling or tearing'.

PPI Azud Manual Filters   PPI Azud Manual Filters
  • PPI AZUD filter housings are moulded from super
    tough, UV-resistant, glass-reinforced, polyamide
    resin that eliminates corrosion and provides years
    of reliable service.
  • Filter housings are secured with one marine-grade
  • 316 stainless steel lever clamp that requires no
    tools for disassembly or cleaning.
  • Engineered designs allow PPI AZUD filters to
    operate at pressures up to 1,000 kPa.
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