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Micro Irrigation Pipes & Fittings  

LDPE pipe allows low pressure water to be distributed around the garden. Drippers, sprays and sprinklers can be connected directly to the LDPE pipe or riser tube can be used to position them away from the pipe, in a more appropriate position.
All home irrigation pipe and fittings have a maximum operating pressure of 300kpa and therefore should never be kept under constant pressure.


Sprinklers & Sprays   Sprinklers

At Town & Country we stock a large range of Sprinklers and Sprays to suit many landscape applications. Our pop up range includes HR, Hunter, and Rainbird plus many more. We also stock a large range of other sprinklers including impacts, butterfly sprinklers and wobblers. Some of our most popular Sprinklers are listed on the following page.


Drip Irrigation   Drip Irrigation

Netafim™ the Leader in Drip Irrigation! With more than 40 years of experience in drip irrigation for demanding agricultural applications, Netafim™ has also been pioneering innovations in drip irrigation for the landscape industry.
. From pressure compensating dripperline, like our revolutionary Techline™ with flow regulation and self flushing system , to the most sophisticated and accurate point source drippers on the market: UniTechline™ ,they've got what you need.


Controllers, Sensors & Valves   Controllers
Town And Country carry a full range of controllers from Hunter, Orbit, Galcon and Rainbird.
Sensors and valves can be supplied by Hunter and Rainbird.

Irrigation Design   Irrigation Design
Town & Country can assist you with your irrigation design. There are also many D.I.Y plans available for many applications including the home garden, larger landscaping projects to large commercial projects.

Filters   Filters

At Town & Country we sell a range of irrigation filters to suit many irrigation applications. Follow the link to see our range of filters by Netafim including Techfilters, Arkal Disc Filters, PPI Disc Filters, PPI Threaded Screen Filters and PPI Azud Manual Filters.


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