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13mm & 19mm Garden - Pol Low Density Polyethylene Pipe   Poly Pipe

Recommended for residential applications. Garden poly pipe is manufactured in two diameters and typically you would use 13mm or 19 mm for short runs of up to 25 meters. If you need longer runs or if you are going to use the one garden poly line to supply more than 3 sprinklers or sprays, the 25mm diameter Lo-Pol should be used.


13mm & 19mm Premium Poly Pipe   premium poly pipe

Premium Poly is a higher quality LDPE pipe for the discerning gardener.


13mm, 19mm &25mm Lo-Pol Low Density Poly Pipe - 300kpa  

PPI’s Lo-Pol is recommended for professional landscape and agricultural applications. It is manufactured to PPI’s own high standard. Regular testing including environmental stress crack resistance is undertaken to ensure PPI’s Lo-Pol will not split at the fittings. It is pressure rated at 300kpa.


4mm & 5mm Riser Tube Low Density Polyethylene   Riser Tube
Low density riser tube is ideal for connecting micro irrigation, sprinklers and drippers located away from the main poly pipe supply line.

4mm & 5mm Flexible Tube - Plasticised PVC   Flexible Tube
The PVC Flexible Riser Tube has the same uses as low density riser tube, but is more flexible and therefore more suited to sharp bends or colder weather.

Micro Irrigation Fittings   Micro Irrigation Fittings
We carry a wide range of barbed irrigation fittings especially designed for connecting to Low density Polyethylene pipe. PPI’s range of high quality micro irrigation fittings has a proven track record in agricultural and landscape applications. The range includes fittings, stakes, sprays and drippers, filters and inline valves to suit 13mm, 19mm, 25mm and 32mm pipe. We also carry 4mm and 5mm fittings. All home irrigation pipe and fittings have a maximum operating pressure of 300kpa.

Micro Irrigation Spray Jets   Spray Jets

Micro Spray Jets have a fine spray and are suitable for most gardens. They can be installed directly into poly pipe or into rigid risers. Mount the sprays upside down for optimum watering in greenhouses. Available in 360’, 180’ 90’ and narrow strip.

Adjustable Micro Sprays   Micro Spray
Adjustable Micro Sprays have the same high performance benefits of micro sprays, with the added benefit of an adjustable tap which enables the flow and radius to be adjusted to suit the area being watered.

Micro Misters   Misters
Misters provide a fine mist spray suitable for delicate seedlings and ferns for use in nurseries. Screws into rigid risers or directly into poly pipe.

Micro Sprinklers   Micro Sprinklers
Micro Sprinklers are a high performance spray in two pieces, so they can be pulled apart to aid in the cleaning of clogged jets. They can be installed directly into poly pipe or into rigid risers.

Spectrum 360 Spray Jet   Spray Jet
The Spectrum 360 Spray Jet produces a fountain like spray that can be adjusted by turning the body. Screws into rigid risers or poly pipe and are also available on a stake for connection with 4mm riser tube.

Rotor Rain Mini Sprinkler   Rotor Sprinkler
The Rotor Rain Mini Sprinkler is a professional sprinkler suitable for large garden landscapes. It is fitted to either the mini sprinkler stake or threaded or threaded poly prop risers.

Adjustable Flow Dripper   Flow Dripper
The 360’ Adjustable Flow Dripper can be adjusted to allow precise water distribution in a tight circular pattern.

Agri Dripper   Agri Dripper
Agri Drip is a small button style dripper that is available in different flow rates. Available with pressure compensation.

P4 Snap Dripper   Snap Dripper
The P4 Snap Dripper is a two part dripper that can be easily separated for cleaning.

A Range of Risers   Rigid Risers
A range of risers including rigid risers, rigid riser stakes, riser jet stakes, pot stakes, mini sprinkler stakes, risers with jet stake assembly and mini sprinkler stake assembly are also available to suit many applications.
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