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Stainless Steel Rainwater Tanks
Our Stainless Steel Tanks are longer lasting, better built and will deliver you the purest, safest drinking water.
Stainless Rainwater Tanks are manufactured from Grade 304 Stainless Steel, the same grade as kitchen sinks. The durability of this grade of stainless steel is beyond doubt.
The slight additional cost of a stainless steel rainwater tank over other options is more than offset by the markedly lower maintenance costs and virtually unlimited service life.
The traditional construction of ordinary, corrugated stainless steel rainwater tanks in Australia involves drilling or punching numerous holes to fix the corrugated sheets together with rivets or screws. Unfortunately, this creates the weakest link in the tank. Each one of these rivets or screws requires complete sealing otherwise it has the potential to be a source of corrosion and leakage.
To overcome this problem Stainless Rainwater Tanks pioneered a unique method of spot welding the stainless steel corrugated sheets and now offers a premium product at a competitive price. Stainless Rainwater Tanks manufactures an extensive range of reliable, durable, safe and hygienic stainless steel rainwater tanks, with none of the disadvantages of other rainwater manufacturing styles.

In addition to custom building tanks, we offer a wide range of standard and slimline options, including :
- Standard Round Tanks,
- Super Slimline Tanks,
- Standard Slimline Tanks, and
- Jumbo Slimline Tanks

All tanks come with a 30 year warranty and are fitted with screened strainer, mosquito proof overflow and a 25mm outlet.
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