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Valves and Taps

DR Brass Ball Valves (Tested)   Brass Ball Valves
  • Full flow - PN25
  • AGA - Australian Standards Watermark
  • 15mm-50mm

General Purpose Ball Valves   General Purpose Ball Valves
  • Chrome plated brass ball valve  with stainless steel handle
  • Full flow – PN25
  • Teflon seal
  • 15mm-50mm

Three-Way Ball Valves   Three Way Ball Valves
  • L-Port
  • T-Port
  • Female BSP threaded
  • 15-50mm


Lockable DR Brass Ball Valves   Lockable Brass Ball Valves
  • BSP parallel thread
  • Teflon seal
  • Stainless Steel handle
  • 15-50mm


Mini Ball Valves   Mini Ball Valves
  • Nickel plated brass
  • Female BSP threaded
  • Teflon ball seats
  • 3mm-20mm


Poly Ball Valves   Poly Ball Valves
  • Full Bore
  • Removable handle
  • Lilac handle option for grey water identification
  • 1600 kpa rated
  • Potable water grade materials
  • BSP FI threads
  • 15mm-50mm

PVC Ball Valves   PVC Ball Valves
  • Available in Female/Female BSP Treaded or Solvent Weld (Slip)
  • Compact T handle
  • Easy operation
  • Acid & Alkaline resistant
  • 15mm - 50mm


Brass Tested Gate Valves   Brass Gate Valves
  • Watermark approved Dr brass gate valve
  • Australian Standards AS1628
  • BSP female thread
  • 15mm-50mm


Brass General Purpose Gate Valves   General Gate Valves
  • Pn16 200 psi working pressure
  • BSP female thread
  • 15mm-50mm


Brass Spring Check Valve   Brass Spring Check Valve
  • Brass Body

  • High Quality brass jumper valve

  • Stainless steel spring

  • Available in 10mm to 100mm

Brass Swing Check Valve   Brass Swing Check Valve
  • Brass body and seat

  • BSP thread

  • Available in 15mm to 100mm

Anka Check Valves   Anka Check Valves
  • Glass fibre reinforced nylon body
  • Stainless steel spring
  • Acetal plunger and nitrile rubber seals
  • Max. pressure 1600kpa (232psi) @ 20C
  • Available 15mm to 50mm

Check Valves   Hansen Check Valves
  • Strong non-corrosive materials
  • Exceptional flow
  • Inline servicing
  • No poppet valve to wear or jam
  • Interchangeable components
  • Operates at any angle
  • Pressure rated at 1000kpa
  • Available 25mm to 63mm

Dual Check Valves   Dual Check Valves

Dual checks provide protection to the potable water supply from contamination in low hazard applications like meter connections on domestic properties.

  • Bronze body
  • Stainless Steel springs
  • Minimum working pressure 220kpa
  • Maximum working pressure 1200kpa
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Operating temperature range of 1C to 60C
  • Suitable for vertical and horizontal installations
  • Approved to AS 2845-1
  • Low hazard rating
  • Available in 20mm & 25mm

Check Valves   Philmac Check Valves
  • Non-return valves are designed to permit fluid flow in one direction
  • Functions over a wide range of operational pressures
  • Available in 20mm to 50mm


Anka Foot Valves   Anka Foot Valves
  • Glass fibre reinforced nylon body
  • Stainless steel spring
  • Acetal plunger and nitrile rubber seals
  • Maximum pressure 1600kpa (232psi) @ 20C
  • Available in 20mm to 50mm


Foot Valves   Philmac Foot Valves
  • Foot valves are designed to permit fluid flow in one direction only.
  • The valves function over a wide range of operational pressures
  • Typically used to keep a pump primed
  • Available in 20mm to 50mm


Hansen Foot Valves   Hansen Foot Valves
  • Proven performance in the field
  • Virtually unrestricted flow with efficiency in excess of 95%
  • Eliminates water hammer
  • Positive opening and closing
  • No piston to wear or jam
  • High quality glass fibre reinforced nylon
  • Operates at any angle
  • Available in 25mm to 63mm

Floating Foot Valve   Alderdice Floating Foot Valve
  • Manufactured from Gunmetal bronze
  • Available as standard foot valve or side outlet threaded BSP
  • Eliminates the need for a bend when being floated in a dam or river
  • Available in 32mm, 40mm and 50mm


Brass Foot Valve   Alderdice Foot Valve
  • Manufactured from Gunmetal Bronze
  • Nitrile faced valve giving a positive non return seal
  • Barrel shaped body allows an easy flow around the valve
  • Available 20mm to 75mm


APEX RainAid Float Valves   Apex RainAid Float Valve

The RainAid valve is the ideal way of controlling the backup water source (mains or other) on a rainwater collection tank. It will ensure your rainwater tank never runs completely dry in the event of demand exceeding rainfall (supply).You can easily set the valve so that it maintains a set (minimum/maximum) level of water in a tank.

That level can be as low or as high in the tank as you need...letting you determine how much storage you want in reserve to catch the next inflow of rain.


  • Designed to control the level of water in a Rainwater tank via a backup supply source.
  • Adjustable water level.
  • Allows maximum storage of rainwater.
  • Watermark approved (License no 20368 to AS1910. SAI Global) for mains water connection.
  • No electrical supply required.
  • Patented design Australia and New Zealand.
  • Simple to install.

APEX PumpBuddy Float Valve   Apex Pump Buddy

The Apex PumpBuddy valve is an inlet control device that allows for variable minimum and maximum water level settings within a water tank

The PumpBuddy® will be closed when both weights are submerged (maximum water level). The valve will remain closed until the bottom weight is exposed (minimum water level). The valve will then open and remain open until the maximum level is reached


  • A high volume water inlet control device.
  • Variable adjustment between minimum and maximum water levels.
  • Reduces pump run time (saves electricity).
  • Increases pump life.


  • New Zealand patent application No. 535912
  • Australian Class 11 patent application No. 1025211
  • US Patent Application No. 11/604204


Working pressure     55 - 1000 kPa [8 - 150 P.S.I.]

•     Minimum inlet pressure 55 kPa (8 P.S.I.).
•     Maximum inlet pressure 1000 kPa (150 P.S.I.).

APEX Space Saver Float Valve   Apex Spacesaver
  • Plastic Valves for those confined space applications
  • Ideal for small animal drinkers and troughs
  • Available in 1/2' and 3/4"connections
  • Compact float
  • Barbed outlet
  • Full flow dual level float valve!
  • Positive shut-off! Minimises pump overload and saves on running costs!

The only plastic dual level float valve in Australia – its lightweight construction makes it ideal for plastic walled tanks.
Full flow – ensures fast and efficient fill rate.
Dual level adjustable setting – allows multiple draw-offs before activating the pump (minimum draw-off before opening – 65mm, maximum draw-off-270mm).
Wide range of operating pressures. 0-850kPa (120psi).

APEX XtraFlo Float Valve   Apex XtraFlo

Designed primarly for open & unprotected troughs, equipped with a patented self cleaning valve mechanism to minimise blockage. The 40mm water level differential from open to close minimises pumping time and reduces pump motor overload in applications where pressure pumps are installed.
*NB. Valves available with either BSP tapered or parallel threading

XtraFlo LP - Low Pressure/High Flow
Minimum operating pressure of 30kPa (4.3 psi)
Maximum operating pressure of 400kPa (58psi)

XtraFlo - Standard
Minimum operating pressure – 55kPa (8psi)
Maximum operating pressure of 1000kPa (145psi)

Top entry conversion kits available - equipped with fully adjustable threaded lever.

APEX Plastic Float Valve   Apex Plastic Float Valve

• Plastic float valves with long thread and backnut to
  overcome the need for a tank fitting.
• Brass adjustable arms
• Valves available from 1/2" to 2"

Apex Full Flow Dual Level Float Valve   Apex Full Flow

A high flow rate valve for controlling water flow into large tanks. Designed to reduce pump run time.

Working pressure 0 - 700 kPa [0 - 100 P.S.I.]
• Valve is fully adjustable to allow water level to fall between 65 and 270 mm before opening.
• Reduces pump motor overload.
• DR (Dezincification Resistant) lever.

Hose Taps   Hose Taps

Town & Country has a wide and varied range
of Australian Standard hose taps.
Our range includes:

  • Tee Head Brass Hose Taps
  • Bib Taps
  • Back Plate Hose Cocks
  • Chrome Plated Brass Hose Taps
  • Lock Lever Tank Cocks
  • Anti Vandal Hose Taps
  • Vacuum Breakers
  • Jumper Valves

Household Taps   Household Taps

Town & Country stocks a range of tapware
at reasonable prices.
Our range includes:

  • Sink, Basin and Shower Mixers
  • Basin and Sink Sets
  • Laundry Arms
  • Sink Spouts
  • Cistern Cocks
  • Wall Stop Assemblies
  • Preassembled Beach Showers
  • Tidy Taps
  • Bubblers
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