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  • We also carry a large range of fittings for the use with purple Sullage hose.
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Bioline AS


This is a purple, pressure compensating, anti siphon, 13mm dripperline. It is available in 100m coils with a 3l/hr flow rate dripper spacings of 0.3m standard.

Suitable for Greywater Treatment Systems

Bioline (Tiran)   Bioline

This is a purple, non pressure compensating, 13mm dripperline. It is available in 100m coils with an 8l/hr flow rate at 10m pressure with dripper spacings of 0.3m standard.  Tiran has large orifice holes allowing large particles to pass through the dripper without blocking.

Suitable for Greywater Diversion Devices

irriGREY   IrriGrey

The Netafim irriGREY Kit has been designed to include all the components downstream of a greywater diversion device. It includes 50m of Bioline, 25m of 19mm LDPE and all other associated fittings. It also contains a detailed design, installation and maintenance manual. It is suitable for greywater system that provide filtration from their diversion device.

Suitable for Greywater Diversion Systems.

irriGREY Filter   Irrigrey Filters

The Netafim irriGREY Filter is installed downstream of Greywater Diversion Devices to protect Netafim Bioline dripperline. This unique 400 micron geo-fabric element collects the lint and hair from greywater requiring less maintenance than disc or screen filters. These elements can be cleaned or replaced in either a single or 4 pack options.

25mm Purple LDPE   Bioline

This is 25mm O.D. (outside dimension) low density polyethylene pipe for a feeder/ sub-main from the grey water unit to the area of irrigation. It is available in 50m coil sizes.


UniBioline   Uni Bioline

Pressure compensated - Sub-surface, recycled water - Pressure
compensating, continuously self-cleaning dripper

Our society faces a constant challenge to maintain and preserve the environment for generations to come. A major issue in pollution control is the treatment and disposal of domestic and industrial wastewater. Netafim™, the world’s leading manufacturer of drip irrigation systems, has helped meet that challenge with the development of UniBioline™ sub-surface dripperline for recycled water and land treatment.

  • For irrigation with recycled water.
  • Sub-surface installations.
  • Commercial and residential applications.
  • Lawn, trees, shrubs, and flower beds.

Lo-Pol Low Density Polyethylene Pipe Solid Purple   Lo-Pol Pipe
  • Purple colour clearly identifies use for recycled/reclaimed water
  • 13mm, 19mm, 25mm,32mm


SullDrip Integral Dripline Solid Purple   Sulldrip

SullDrip enables effective identification and reuse of recycled and reclaimed water in your garden. Ideal for narrow garden beds or landscaped areas. Aids water conservation.

  • Choose from a variety of pre-installed 2Lph or 4Lph drippers, spaced at either 30cm, 60cm or 100cm intervals allowing you to choose a dripper spacing appropriate to your garden type. Closer spacings are suitable for turf and densely planted areas, wider spacings for broader plantings and native gardens
  • SullDrip delivers regulated amounts of water directly to the roots
  • SullDrip saves water and promotes strong, deep root development for tougher, healthier plants
  • Easy installation; compatible with standard 13mm micro irrigation fittings
  • Use pressure compensated SullDripPC for even flow in steeply sloped areas.

Purple Sullage Hose   Sullage Hose
  • Traditional unreinforced hose for distributing recycled water
  • Suits micro irrigation barbed fittings
  • Purple colour identifies reclaimed water
  • Single walled non braided flexible pvc hose

Purple Jacket PE100 Pressure Pipe   PE100
  • Purple colour clearly identifies use for recycled/reclaimed water
  • Colour and branding fully complies with AS/NZS 35001
  • Watermark Approved
  • Full range of metric compression fittings available to suit
  • 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm and 63mm

Fittings   Fittings
  • We also carry a large range of fittings for the use with purple Sullage hose.
  • Click on the image to view our products on our online store


Everhard Polymer Septic Tanks

  Septic Tanks

Everhard Polymer Septic Tanks and lids are lightweight, yet extremely strong and durable, meeting the exacting demands of the Australian/New Zealand Septic Tanks Standard AS/NZS 1546.1998.

They are made from fully injection moulded polypropylene, with the tank lids UV stabilised for long life in accordance with the standard.

Everhard Polymer Septic Tanks are the result of more than 50 years' experience in developing products for the on-site domestic wastewater management of Australia.

Available in 2500lt, 3000lt and 4000lt

Concrete Septic Tanks are also available in Qld and Northern NSW in 1600lt, 2500lt, 3000lt, 3900lt and 6000lt

Everhard Evertrench   Evertrench

Evertrench® Polymer Trench Liner is widely regarded as one of the best systems available for the disposal of wastewater from a septic tank in unsewered areas.
With Evertrench®, family health is protected by providing safe and efficient disposal of wastewater from kitchen sinks, bathroom and showers, laundry tubs and septic systems.

Evertrench® Sullage Trench Sizes

    • 82010 – 230x1500mm Small
    • 82020 – 350x1500mm Large
    • 82030 – 410x1500mm Jumbo

End Caps, Spreader Bars and Geotextile Rolls also available.

Everhard Polymer Pumpwell   Pumpwell

Everhard’s Polymer Pumpwell is the obvious choice for many installations as it is light, easy to handle and work with.
Optional inlets determine capacity - 250L or 450L, accepts 100mm Stormwater UPVC pipe, with rubber rings.
Dimensions: HEIGHT 1200mm x DIAMETER 1200mm

Durable and touch, it is made from UV stabilised high density polyethylene.
Concrete Pump Wells are available for customers in QLD and Northern NSW.


Everhard Polymer Grease Trap   Grease Trap

Made from polyolefin polymer, the 45lt Everhard Polymer Grease Trap is both lightweight and durable.

It is designed for the interception and retention of sink water, to add to the efficiency of Evertrench sullage trenches or alternative waste disposal systems.

As hygiene is paramount, it includes a removable catchment tray for ease of cleaning, plus a specially designed lid fitment making it tamper proof.
Concrete Grease Traps also available.


Everhard Polymer Distribution Boxes   Distribution Boxes

Available in two sizes, these Polymer Distribution Boxes feature internal dividers to ensure the output is equally shared. And of course, their light weight means they're easy to handle and install as well as economical to transport


XtraTreat Filter   XtraTreat

Cleaner greywater
The XtraTreat® septic tank outlet filter will significantly improve the quality of effluent leaving the tank and prolong the life of trenches.

Simple Design

XtraTreat® has been designed to drastically reduce the levels of solids leaving the tank. The polypropylene webbing filter prevents the passage of any particle larger than 3.5mm diameter.
This ensures better anaerobic digestion in the tank and a much longer life for trenches. The Everhard XtraTreat® filter consists of six cylinders of everlasting polymer webbing, offering optimum surface area.

The XtraTreat® filter has a robust injection moulded handle which makes it easy and safe to install, and even easier to operate and inspect.

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